SmartCat accelerates
data driven companies

We are not your average consultancy agency.
We are experienced tech-nerds that love to
solve problems in data intensive environments.


We build scalable systems, automate infrastructures and enable advanced analytics. Our solutions are created using a combination of distributed systems, advanced ops and data science.

Distributed Systems

We are experts in implementing, tweaking, tuning and monitoring distributed systems such as Cassandra, Hadoop, Kafka, Spark and ZeroMQ. We integrate them into existing production environments and offer assistance in replacing old legacy systems.

Advanced Ops

We apply infrastructure & process automation whenever possible. Its part of how we work. From scaling instances based on monitored server KPI’s, to scripting release & rollback scenarios. Manual work is slow, error-prone and in most cases unnecessary.

Data Science

With our Data Science team, we are able show initial results and highlight your data potential in a matter of weeks. We integrate our models and machine learning in real-time infrastructures, or build it on top of Big Data solutions for additional insights.


We embrace a polyglot approach and believe in DevOps fundamentals. We are specialized in technologies that help us accelerate data driven companies.

Why SmartCat?

We are a rare breed of tech-nerds that want to prove we can exceed your expectations. Because we want to “show, don’t tell”, we offer a satisfaction guaranteed or your money back approach.








We are driven engineers who contribute to many open-source communities, speak on summits and write articles about innovative and disruptive technologies.