Why SmartCat

We are a rare breed of tech-nerds that want to prove we can exceed your expectations. Because we want to “show, don’t tell”, we offer a satisfaction guaranteed or your money back approach.


Each member in the SmartCat team is carefully recruited. Everyone has a problem-solvers mindset, is a technology expert and has at least ten years of experience. This way we are able to provide SmartCat quality.


With a strong presence in the Netherlands and Serbia, we are an international team that work efficiently together. We believe that the best solutions require both individual excellence and teamwork.


With short iterations, our focus is on delivering maximum results in a minimal amount of time. This also allows for alignment with other development cycles.


SmartCats are a rare mixture of hardcore tech experts, with the communicative skills of a project manager. This enables us to work seamlessly within an existing team or completely autonomously.


During our implementations,  we are keen on getting the required knowledge transferred to the local staff. This ensures long-term stability and a smooth transition to in-house maintenance.


Contrary to many consultants and companies, we do value documentation. It’s important for reference purpose, understanding and insight in reasons behind choices made.